Product Description

The industrial cardboard production line is made up of the paper bearing stand, overbridge conveying machine, automatic side aligner, glue coating device, compacting machine, drying section with drying cylinder, calendar, cooling section, paper separation and traction machine, CNC transverse cutting device, stacking unit, etc.

This cardboard production line laminates roll paper whose breadth can be optionally 1800mm, 2000mm and more. It is applicable to three or four pieces of corrugated medium at the same time to make cardboard which is 2,000g/m2 in weight and 3.5mm in thickness. Additionally, the production quantity is from 60t to 120t per day. The cardboard manufactured by our equipment is comparable to its imported counterparts in respect of thickness, compactness, moisture content, smoothness, stiffness and tensile strength. Based on this, it is an ideal substitute for imported ultra thick cardboards.

This product has the characteristics of advanced production techniques, convenient operation and maintenance, energy efficiency, environment protection, etc. It makes up for many disadvantages of manual lamination with a single machine, substantially reduces production costs, improves cardboard quality and brings great economic benefits. Therefore, this production line is a preferred choice for fabrication of cardboard and fiberboard boxes. It is also suitable for cigarette case, wine box, luggage, food box, high-end gift box, etc.


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